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Accessibility services

There is a growing demand by disadvantaged users to be able to make their lives easier and more complete by using the ever-growing selection of online services. However, a large proportion of the websites are not fully usable by users with special needs, thus some of the information is lost.

All users can use an accessible website, regardless of their age, physical abilities or the environment in which they access the Internet.

Generally speaking, the target audience of an accessible website is the group of people who can only use the computer with difficulty:

The disabled

  • the blind and partially sighted
    (An accessible website is often confused with a blind-friendly website. The latter is an extract of the site specially designed for the blind, which is by no means a good solution as no other users with special needs can access the site and the blind would also benefit more if they could access the same site as the other users, thus accessing the same information.)
  • the colour blind and the hard of hearing,
  • the physically handicapped,
  • the mentally disadvantaged.

The technologically disadvantaged

  • different monitor size,
  • outdated browser,
  • weak hardware.

Special target groups

  • children,
  • elderly people and users with low IT education. 


Why should you make an accessible website?

Apart from the legal requirements, the answer is quite simple – it is important to ensure equal access to disadvantaged users for several reasons:

  • Everyone can freely access the website without any obstacles and easily use it.
  • The development costs of an originally accessible website are much lower than the modification expenses of an existing one.
  • It is much more transparent for the search engines (for e.g. Google), thus it reaches a higher ranking.
  • Ensuring accessibility is an image improving factor.
  • More than 10% of the population of the European Union, i.e. more than 48 million people live with some form of disability, besides the fact that the population is permanently ageing.
  • It is unethical to exclude such a high proportion of the population from your website.


Whether you want a new website or adjustments to a current website, we can help with our accessible CSS web design expertise. We'll make sure you end up with a world-class CSS-based website that:

  • Is based around both site users' needs and your goals
  • Is optimised for search engines
  • Downloads lightning fast due to the unique CSS structure (no tables)
  • Complies with regulations for web accessibility

Marketing4u has highly advanced knowledge of using CSS, XHTML and accessible JavaScript & AJAX - all the websites we build are made without the use of any tables and conform to the highest web accessibility standards.

The characteristics of our accessible CSS websites are:

  • Enhanced user interactions through the use of AJAX and JavaScript - always done in a highly accessible manner.
  • Optimised for search engines through the unique CSS page structure we create.
  • Powerful, fast-loading, flexible CSS layout.
  • Conformance with up to W3C priority AAA guidelines, inline with what's best for the user experience.
  • Implementation of highly advanced accessibility features developed in-house through our own testing and research.
  • Cross-browser compatible - Websites are checked on every major modern browser for each operating system.

Please contact us by phone on +36 30 456 8182, by e-mail at info@marketing4u.hu, or by filling in our online form. We'll discuss your website accessibility needs and requirements with no pushy sales pitch and no obligation to you.

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