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Website reviews

Website reviews are an excellent way for you to quickly find out the main problems with your website and how to fix these.

  • Are you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your website?
  • Do you know if your users can easily navigate on your website?
  • Have you compared your competitors’ websites with yours?
  • Would you care to know if the technological solution of your website complies with the standards?


Website review lite

Our website review lite is a trimmed-down, more affordable service aimed especially at small businesses. It provides you with a series of recommendations for how to improve your website's usability, search engine optimisation and credibility.

We've created the website review lite for small businesses and start-up companies as usability and website audits can often be expensive. We believe that having an easy-to-use and search engine optimised website is important for everyone.

It is cost effective and relatively quick to implement

Usability website evaluation

  • Offers specific recommendations for increasing the usability of your website
  • Provides a thorough analysis of your website's usability strengths and weaknesses
  • Allows comparisons with competitor sites

Usability testing

Usability testing involves watching typical site visitors attempt to complete realistic tasks on your website, with us measuring the ease with which they do so. The results of the analysis are a huge eye-opener and their implementation often leads to:

  • Increased sales and task completion, as well as a high rate of return site visitors
  • A greatly improved understanding of your customers' needs
  • A much more user-focused in-house development team 

Competitor analysis 

We compare your website with sites of your competition and map the competitive advantages of your rivals. The basis of this comparison is the usability and web ergonomicss of the website.

Webshop analysis

During the analysis we reveal all the usability errors that prevent the users in the process of purchasing and payment. We thoroughly examine the website from its design and usability to the transparency of the complete product selection and payment process.  

Did you know?

  • More than 83% of Internet users leave the website if they feel they ned too many clicks to find what they are looking for.
  • 58% of users will not return to a site where they encountered usability problems.
  • In 60% of cases people cannot find the required information on the websites.
  • An average webshop could increase its sales by 79% aplying a usability transformation.

Please contact us by phone on +36 30 456 8182, by e-mail at info@marketing4u.hu, or by filling in our online form. We'll discuss your website review or testing needs and requirements with no pushy sales pitch and no obligation to you.

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